Happy Smiles, Insightful Testimonials

Happy Smiles,  Insightful Testimonials

"I travel 45 minutes so my children see the amazing staff here. This is truly a family environment. Everyone works together cooperatively and ensures my children feel valued and safe. Recently, we were the last appointments of the day. We were treated with the same energy and patience as if we were the first. I will not take my children anywhere else."

- Christy G.

"Been going since my son with ASD was old enough for his first dentist visit. From the doctors to the hygienists to the front office, this practice has been very kind and flexible, without sacrificing quality of professional service. This group has accommodated my son when visits meant meltdowns. But they have also given him that extra push now that visits mean we just wait for him at the reception area. They sure have been a part of our ASD journey."

- Gemma S.

"Anyone who has children should check out Berks Kids Dentistry; I would highly recommend this place for any parent with children. I, as the mother, wish my dentist and hygienists were this amazing! My boys are 5 and 3, and the entire atmosphere of this place is incredibly comfortable, laid back, and just a place that children feel at ease. From the time you walk through the door to the time you leave, you are greeted with warm, smiling faces, and people who generally care about you and your children. As soon as my boys were both called back, they were met with the kindest, sweetest ladies asking all the right questions and paying attention to everything the boys said, all while checking and cleaning their teeth. This place provides the best experiences for children of all ages; again I would recommend it highly to EVERYONE!!!"

- Jennifer W.

"My kids love it here. We live over an hour away and have not changed practices since moving because my kids are comfortable here and I trust the care that my children are getting. I always feel like I am well informed about procedures needed and can ask as many questions as I want. The kids go back on their own and come back out front all smiles, that sparkle, when done. The stickers, new toothbrushes, and toothpaste are a great little reward, even for my older kids."

- Amy D

"I absolutely love taking my boys here! I've been taking them here for a few years now and refuse to take them anywhere else! I have a 7 and 4-year-old, and they absolutely LOVE coming here. Dr. Gordos and Dr. Snyder are exceptional dentists, and the staff here are warm and have a HUGE heart for children. It shows when you walk through the door as they address them by their name or nickname and make them feel important and special the whole way through their appointment! When coming in today, I thought my youngest was going to have a hard time on his own and I would have to go back to sit with him, but as soon as I was handed some paperwork and turned around...he was gone! Not out the door, but in the dentist chair! I was so relieved! While sitting in the waiting room, I could hear how wonderful these ladies are! They are so silly and fun with the kids and truly make it a wonderful experience for them! My kids are eager to return for their next dentist appointment, and I'm grateful that this is one place I can breathe easy and know my children are in the BEST hands! Thank you!"

-Jessica H.